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Thanks for coming to the LCTKD Shop, where you can browse through our extensive range of martial arts and leisure products, and find great music, books and video downloads, all at fantastic prices, just by choosing from the links below.  

 In the shop, you can buy anything from martial arts to music, and through some great deals with major martial arts suppliers, we are able to bring you martial arts gear at the very best of prices - usually much cheaper than you'll find elsewhere.  

You'll find all sorts of martial arts gear and accessories, along with some great publications, including our very popular Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual in full colour, and our equally popular free Tai Chi downloads.

You can also use the shop to book courses and and events, and LCTKD students can use it to pay their fees or order a starter pack.  

If you are a new student wanting to register, go to our page designed specifically for you and we will guide you through the process.  

So take a moment to browse through all the stuff that's on offer.  Our most popular products are below, or if you are looking for something more, check out our wide range of products using the "select category" pull down menu on mobile devices, or the links to your left on a computer screen.. 

You can check out the latest NEWS too, and if you'd like to suggest anything to us, whether it's new products we should include, or something about the layout of the shop, then we'd be happy to hear from you.  Just let us know.



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LCTKD Shop News

LCTKD Shop News

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Find Things For Your Martial Art

Find Things For Your Martial Art

If you are doing one of our arts, all the stuff you need is grouped under your martial art heading.  Just select the art that you do, and browse the different sections to find the clothing, equipment, and accessories that are right for you. 

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Courses & Events

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See our great range of safe and sensible martial arts training weapons and accessories at value prices.  

Are you actually looking for sparring gear?  You'll find that in the section under your own martial art.

Publications, Podcasts & Downloads

Publications, Podcasts & Downloads



Including the 

Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook

and the Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual.  

Student Payments

Student Payments

LCTKD students - set up your subscription, get your starter packs, or pay for your gradings here! (You can also book private lessons.)

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The Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual - full colour edition

Product no.: 902[7]

The full colour, illustrated TaeKwonDo manual - with hundreds of full colour illustrations and explanations of every one of the 100 traditional TaeKwonDo techniques required from white belt through to black belt. 


£18.95 *

can be shipped within 7 days

Private Class

Product no.: 1004[3]

Boost your learning immeasurably by taking a private class with one of our top Instructors.  

£40.00 *

Bredon Hill Cup 2018 Results

Product no.: 60-2

See the results from our annual multi-category Bredon Hill Cup competition.


Product no.: 64[1]

Get a great boost with one of our fantastic SuperClasses, workshops, and talks featuring our top Instructors. 

£7.50 *

LCTKD Shop Gift Token: £5 - £500!

Product no.: 701

Can't think what to get for them?

Let them choose, with an LCTKD Shop Gift Token!

£5.00 *

The Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook- 4th Edition

Product no.: 902

The hugely popular and essential Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook - for kit bag, or computer, now in its 2017 4th Edition!


£12.95 *

can be shipped within 7 days

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery