Training Weapons

Training Weapons

Training Weapons

We don't sell "live" weapons, but for our own students over 18 we can sell training aid practice weapons that we use in class, including sticks, staffs, wooden swords and rubber knives, and bamboo Tai Chi fans.  

Legal restrictions mean that some training weapons cannot be sold through the normal shop process, and only through your LCTKD Instructor.  If that's the case, you will not see a "buy" button when you look at the item in the shop, and you will need to ask your LCTKD Instructor to order it.  


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Tai Chi Fan (with carry case)

Product no.: 222

Life's not complete without one of our Tai Chi Fans!

£12.00 *

Metal Tai Chi Fan

Product no.: 222[1]

Upgrade to one of our impressive Metal Tai Chi Fans.

£21.95 *

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery