TaeKwonDo Sparring Gear

TaeKwonDo Sparring Gear

TaeKwonDo Sparring Gear

We've extended our range of protective gear to give you even more choice.  Choose from the new Macho Dyna and Macho Warrior ranges of sparring gear - lighter, cooler, and cheaper, or the ever popular, competition standard high quality Verve kits, as worn by LCTKD Instructors.  

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New Macho Warrior Sparring Pack

Product no.: 1021

Get Macho Warrior's Eye Catching Lightweight gloves, boots and headguard, shinguards and a carrying bag!

£99.95 *

can be shipped within 14-21 days

Macho Dyna Combat Kit - with shinguards and bag

Product no.: 1022

Time to get your sparring gear for class or grading? See this great value complete sparring kit with shinguards and bag.

£84.95 *

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery