Student Terms and Conditions

Student Terms and Conditions

Student Terms and Conditions

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Martial Arts schools are traditionally insured on the basis of licensed students, and for that purpose our registration form, once accepted, makes you a licensed student for as long as you remain with us.  Our registration process allows us to make some simple checks about the safety of your participation in the activities we provide, and satisfies our insurers that we have made these checks.  


If you are not a registered student of LCTKD, but have purchased a place at a class, event, course or workshop from LCTKD through the LCTKD Shop, you will be considered registered for the duration of that class, event, course or workshop.  We may also ask you to complete a paper copy of the registration form, if you have not done so, but your licence is in place even if you have not done that. 


When you register, you accept our approach to data protection and respect for your privacy.  This approach, in line with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, and devised to maintain your privacy and protect your data, while ensuring your safety and wellbeing, and the efficient running of courses and classes, is detailed in our document LCTKD's Approach to Welcoming and Safeguarding.  Contact us if you would like to read the full document.  


We uphold very high standards of safety.  Even so, martial arts can carry a risk of injury, and by becoming a student of LCTKD you accept that. 


All of our fighting arts involve contact and, of necessity, fighting.  This applies to all age groups.  Even in the most controlled environment, these can carry a risk of injury, and by attending any fighting arts class or event you accept that.


Our sword arts classes do not involve sword fighting, but do involve kumitachi (fighting drills with bokken - wooden swords), and at specified events can involve tameshigiri - cutting targets using shinken (sharp swords).  These are done in a highly controlled environment, but even so, can carry a risk of injury.  By attending any sword arts class or event you accept that.


These days, many people are involved in non-contact activity with martial arts schools like LCTKD, or perhaps gentle activity with only very limited contact and no fighting, like our internal arts of Tai Chi and Qigong.  Sometimes people involved in classes like this wonder why they need to be insured at all. The answer is that life is never simple.  Your safety is our priority, but it is still possible to trip and fall even in a Tai Chi class, or take ill as a result of an existing medical condition, or have something else unforeseen happen.


All the activities at LCTKD are conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment, and at the same time are disciplined and proper, conducted according to the rules and etiquette not only of LCTKD itself, but of the individual arts we teach. You will learn these as you go along, and following them, and respecting the ethos of LCTKD, is part of being a student with us.  If you don’t follow the rules and abide by the ethos of LCTKD, we reserve the right to revoke your licence.   Apart from this situation, as long as you continue to pay we will keep your place open and your registration will remain in place.  If you leave and you are paying using our PayPal subscriptions you can cancel that easily yourself, or you can ask us to cancel it.  If you do not cancel it or ask us to cancel it, your registration will remain in place, even if you have told us that you are leaving, because we will take your continued payment as an indication that you do, after all, want to remain a student.


Your licence may be revoked if you fall behind in your payments, or otherwise owe us money, and if that should be the case you will not be allowed to train with us.  


While you are with us, we will retain the information you give us confidentially.  We may share relevant information with the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts, which manages a number of our teaching programmes, especially those for all our Instructor levels.  We would only do that if you were involved in an Institute activity - for example, taking an Instructor course.  Apart from that, information about you will not be shared outside LCTKD, unless you ask us to provide it, and will not be shared even inside LCTKD except where relevant to our working relationship with you.  


It is normal practice for photographs and videos from selected events and classes to be used by LCTKD in newsletters, publications, websites and marketing material, and to be used by other partners who have participated with LCTKD in events and activities.  All materials remain copyright of LCTKD, and their use is restricted and monitored by our safeguarding policy.  The policy restricts, for example, the naming of children when photographs are used, and prohibits photographs being stored except on specifically authorised office computers.  You can ask to see our safeguarding policy if you would like to know more. 


Students (or the parents of students) wishing not to be in photographs or videos can ask at the time they are taken.   If you (or the parents of students) want never to be in photographs or videos, or want their use to be restricted in a particular way, you (or your parents) must contact us at LCTKD in writing (an e-mail is sufficient), so that we can make sure your wishes are recorded, and if necessary arrange for a member of staff to discuss those wishes with you.  


If you would like to discuss anything with us before continuing, please contact us