LCTKD Body Warmer

LCTKD Body Warmer

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Get to and from class warm and stylish with our  LCTKD Body Warmer

It's easy to put on and take off, so great for picking up quickly, or wearing over your kit

High quality, hard wearing, available in black or white, elegantly embroidered with the LCTKD logo on the left breast, and the logo for your martial art on the nape of the neck. If you are buying for Mugai Ryu, let us know in the delivery comments and box as you check out, we will organise the appropriate specialist Mugai Ryu logo for you. 

You can choose female or male styles.  The female style is shaped to you, with all the edging in matching colours, and comes with a padded hood which can be removed easily if you prefer.  The male style does not include a hood, has a longer back, and contrasting zips on the front and pockets.  

As you'll take it off for your class, feel free to choose the colour you want!




Additional product information

Size Small
Colour White
Martial Art TaeKwonDo
Male/Female Female

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