Less Chat T-Shirt


Less Chat T-Shirt

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Make your point with one of our "Less Chat More Mat"  t-shirts. 

High quality, hard wearing, available in black or white, elegantly embroidered with the LCTKD logo on the nape of the neck, and you can choose male or female styles.  

Note that if it's for class wear, remember the rules:

in TaeKwonDo classes only Instructors can wear black, and t-shirts are for the summer

in Ensodo, only Instructors can wear white

in Tai Chi, you can wear what you like!



when you choose a martial art in the pull down menu, that helps us track which arts find the t-shirts most popular, but it doesn't change the design of your t-shirt, as they all come with the LCTKD logo on the nape of the neck.  



Additional product information

Size Small
Colour White
Martial Art TaeKwonDo
Male/Female Female

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