Bredon Hill Cup 2018 Results

Bredon Hill Cup 2018 Results

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The Bredon Hill Cup is our annual LCTKD inter-club event in the Vale of Evesham, with six different competitions across four age categories and open to five different martial arts.   

Here are the results from the 2018 event. 


Once again the last competition of the day, Tag Team Sparring, was not only fun for competitors and entertaining for the faithful audience of families and club supporters who had already sat through more than four hours of mixed competitions, but was the decider in the Grasshoppers Trophy. The Grasshoppers Trophy goes to the top club at the event, and as Josh Sellick and Theo Fittes claimed victory in the Tag Team Sparring they also secured runner up for the Badsey club, run by Chief Instructor Mr Gareth Hall.  This was a particularly fitting win as there had been a last minute venue change to Badsey Recreation Club.  Thanks again to Marie Hall and Mr Neil Hall for securing this last minute change less than twenty four hours before the event was due to begin.


Badsey, represented in all the other five competitions solely by Mr Dan Gaden, took second place by one point over Mr Drew Hall’s club Broom. Winners Moreton White Tigers took the trophy home to Moreton once again for their Instructor Mrs Helen Hall, after a fantastic performance from a young team well supported by their families. Although Ashton under Hill club, led by Miss Olivia Edwards, suffered from  last minute withdrawals Olivia put in a solid TaeKwonDo performance, ably supported by Mr Mike Coleman, doing Mugai Ryu and Ensodo.  


The Bredon Hill Cup Grand Championship, for individual competitors, was also decided by one point, with Jacob-Joseph LLoyd finishing one point ahead of a previous BHC Grand Champion Aled Davies. With varied and superb displays of martial arts across all categories, Aled took BHC junior champion (runner up Grace Royle).  Dan Gaden took the Senior Champion trophy (runner up Mr Doug Knight).  Another solo representative of her club (Kitebrook House School), Olivia Hardwick became BHC Peewee Champion. 


Some beautifully executed synchronised patterns gave judges Mr Gareth Hall and Mr Drew Hall a hard time choosing the victor in that competition.  After deliberating they awarded runner up to three teams: Jacob Lloyd with Olivia Hardwick, Jacob Lloyd with Aled Davies, and Grace Royle with Flora Hamilton-Jones and Esme Fittes.   First place went to Dan Gaden and Marie Hall.


The Creative Pattern competition, held across age categories, was won by Jacob-Joseph Lloyd, with Aled Davies runner up. 


A breathtaking swords performance by Mike Coleman saw him take first across all age categories in the Traditional Pattern competition.  Runner up was Grace Royle, who was best junior, and Isaac Hayes, who was best juvenile, took third. 


We really were treated to some excellent and entertaining best moves, in a competition won by Aled Davies with a jump spinning axe kick board break.  Runner up was the best senior in the competition, Dan Gaden, who did a ridge hand air break of a board.  (An air break is where the board is not held firm, but is only dangling in the air.)  Best juvenile Ben Hallam, aged 8, impressed with an elbow strike board break to take third place.


The nail biting Tag Team Sparring won by Josh and Theo was well contested by runners up Grace Royle and Miss Anya Maria Piechowiak. 


The Outstanding Sparring award went to Theo Fittes, and Grace Royle was runner up. 


Congratulations to all competitors for a wonderful and highly entertaining display of martial arts, a testimony not only to their own skills but instructors Mrs Helen Hall (who was also a highly praised competition organiser), Mr Gareth Hall, Mr Drew Hall, Mr Neil Hall, Tutor Miss Olivia Edwards (tutor) and Assistant Instructor Mr Aled Davies.Thankyou to the hard working judges and support staff: Mrs Stevie Lloyd,who worked under the intense pressure of adjudicating, Mrs Susan Davies who led the sparring support team and Miss Kate Ballantine and Miss Anya Maria Piechowiak.  Thanks also to all those who came and supported, and who helped out in the set up and management of the day.  



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