Bredon Hill Cup

Bredon Hill Cup

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Book now for our Bredon Hill Cup the fun annual LCTKD inter-club event in the Vale of Evesham, from 2-6 p.m. on Saturday, 13th October.  

The event takes place this year at the new venue of Ashton-under Hill First School, on Elmley Road in Ashton-under-Hill, WR11 7SW. 

There are 5 bonus points for booking here, and it costs only £9.95 instead of the £13 you'll pay on the day.  


The Bredon Hill Cup is our annual fun event designed to let all students take part and find out about competition in the friendliest, fun environment, which still includes somes top quality opponents.

Amidst the fun and games this year, we'll be having Point Stop Sparring (with age categories), Taekwondo, Ensodo, Tai Chi or Mugai Ryu patterns, Best Moves or Creative Patterns, Synchronised Patterns, Tag Team Sparring.  

You get points for your places in each category, and the Bredon Hill Cup goes to the person with the most points taken from all their categories.  You can enter as many categories as you like for your entry fee.  

There's also the "Grasshoppers' Trophy" - a team trophy for the team accumulating the most points.  Talk to your instructor about being part of your class or school team. 

Download the Event Flyer

LCTKD Senior Grades in TaeKwonDo and Ensodo, and Instructors, please note that each hour gives a full attendance credit in TaeKwonDo and Ensodo for the length of time you are present.   


Entry is open to students of LCTKD, and invited guests.  If you're not from LCTKD but are interested in coming, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us before booking.  

Need the right sparring gear?  Get the t-shirt!  The links are below.  


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