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Get a great boost with one of our fantastic SuperClasses, workshops, and talks featuring our top Instructors. 

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LCTKD TaeKwonDo Dobuk - the "suit" to wear in class - elegantly embroidered with our LCTKD and "TaeKwonDo" logos in our distinctive colours.

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The hugely popular and essential Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook - for kit bag, or computer, now in its 2017 4th Edition!


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Product no.: 902[7]

The full colour, illustrated TaeKwonDo manual - with hundreds of full colour illustrations and explanations of every one of the 100 traditional TaeKwonDo techniques required from white belt through to black belt. 


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Product no.: 2228

Now you can revise your TaeKwonDo 3 Step Sparring and Pad Drills at home, on the big screen, with our revision DVD.  Ideal for Grading revision.

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Product no.: 2225

Now you can revise your patterns at home, watching the big screen, with our pattern revision DVDs.  The first one covers Chon Ji to Do San. 

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