Deluxe Zori (Mens)

Deluxe Zori (Mens)

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These traditional Japanese Samurai style sandals, known as Zori, allow you to move around the outside of the training area, or just arrive from the changing room, with the minimum of fuss, the maximum of comfort, and the maximum of respect for tradition.

Zori are like slippers. These high quality Zori are well made with a heavily textured sole for good grip.  They are designed to be incredibly tight to start with, and you should expect to struggle to get your feet into them at first, finding them quite uncomfortable.  But as long as you have the correct length, after a breaking in period the straps will stretch for match the shape of your foot (with tabi, if you wear them), leaving a very comfortable fit without any flapping of the Zori as you walk. 

Our Zori are sold in the Japanese sizings, which are in cm.  For the correct size, please click on the size guide photo, and you can run your cursor over it to magnify.  Note that we stock only limited sizes. Use the pull down menu to check if your size is available. 

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