Learn the Tai Chi Fan

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Join our Director of Internal Arts, Neil R. Hall, to learn how to do the Tai Chi / Kung Fu Fan Form, as you've seen in it in classes, demonstration, and on the video shown on our website and available in our shop.


At under £19 for this two hour session (and cheaper for teachers), it's great value and a fantastic afternoon.  


The workshop will be held at our popular Badsey Hall venue, WR11 7XD, with plenty of space inside, lots of free parking outside, and even refreshments on the day.  It will take place on:

Monday 24th July, from 2- 4 p.m. 


Once you have checked out, you will get a link to a confirmation page, and you'll have your video in no time at all. 

Oh.... haven't you seen the video yet?  Take a look at it on our website


Please note: 

For safety and simplicity the workshop will be taught using right handed fans.

The workshop is open to people who are not Tai Chi students, but you have to be over 11 or above green belt in martial arts to attend this workshop.  Apart from those at higher grades, it is not open to our youngest students.  

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Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery