Aqua Tai Chi Course


Aqua Tai Chi Course

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Relax in a way you never thought possible, discover a new experience, and gain new insights with this

Aqua Tai Chi course

at the warm, well appointed pool at the exclusive Chessgrove Swim. 

This is real Tai Chi suitable for both beginners and improvers of all ages, and is taught by LCTKD's Louise Morey. The supportive environment of the warm water helps you practice your Tai Chi while supporting your balance, and offers a resistance which both slows your movements down and gives you more of a work out.  

With only 8 places on the course, it is never too deep or too shallow, and you are always near enough to follow your Instructor.  

Watch a clip of our Aqua Tai Chi on YouTube.

Venue details:

Chessgrove Swim, Ditchford Bank Road, Hanbury B60 4HS

The next course starts on Monday, 5th November, 9.15 - 10 a.m.  It runs for 6 weeks at the same time, until 10th December.



There is a free taster for this course, which you can book using the link below, but as the number of enquiries suggest that the course will be fully booked quickly, we want to encourage you to book the taster and the course together.  See the link below.




Places are strictly limited, and will be allocated as they are booked on line.  Once all the places are taken, we would be happy to let you know of future courses, so please do contact us for information. 



Don't hesitate to contact us anyway if you'd like to know more, or have any questions.  


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