Yang Style Short Form Video, with Commentary - for Mac (and iPad and & iPhone)

Yang Style Short Form Video, with Commentary - for Mac (and iPad and & iPhone)

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Download the video of our Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall demonstrating the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form, as we do it in LCTKD classes.



This video comes with an audio commentary.  It's not intended as a detailed description for the beginner, but a commentary to help our students follow the movements without always having to keep their eyes on the screen (which is not easy!).  

This is the Mac and IPad version in MP4.  You can also download the Windows Media Video

You can download it absolutely FREE.  Just "buy" it like you would buy anything else, and there's no charge. Download it, and you'll be able to take it with you even where there's no internet connection - oh, wait a minute, the video with commentary isn't available on the internet; it's only available in our shop! 

Please note that you have to register with our shop to "buy" things, even if they are free, so if you are a new customer, you'll be asked to register with us before you can get your free video.  Please take just a minute to do that. It costs nothing, and you don't have to buy anything else.

Once you have checked out, you will get a link to a download page, and you'll have your video in no time at all. 

Enjoy your practice!


Geting the video on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhones and iPads don't allow you to download the video directly.  You can buy it just the same, and here's how to get it on your device.

First, buy it in the shop, and when you get the download link, download it on to your Mac.

On your Mac, find it in the download folder, and double click to open it in iMovies. 

Then from the menu at the top of the screen, choose File > Export > iTunes and choose the iPhone setting (don't worry that it doesn't seem to work for iPhone 5, as the earlier edition does work for the newer iPhones). This will save it in your iTunes on your Mac.

Open iTunes on your Mac.

Open the Movies section, and then open the Home Movies section, and you should see your video on the list. 

Okay so far?  Good. 

Now, connect your phone to your Mac using the USB / Power cable.

On your Mac, in iTunes, hover over the video title, and some dots come up beside the title (...)  Click on those dots and you get the option "Add to."  Select "device" and there should be a list which includes your iPhone.  Select it, and the movie should download  to your iPhone. 

On your iPhone, choose "videos" and you should see a section for "Home Movies" (even if you have not had that section before).  Open that section, and the video should be in it. 


(If you don't have a Mac, but a windows PC, it's a similar process, putting the video in the Home Movies section of  iTunes and connecting to your device.)






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