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Year of the Pig


Even though now we have classes across the English Midlands and connections around the world, our home in London Chinatown means we always want to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our Chinatown students always give a New Year's demo during the public celebrations.  Despite poor weather, this year's demonstration was watched by a huge crowd.  Well done to Mr Alagoa and the team for producing another great performance.

We often call it Chinese New Year (which it is of course), but it is celebrated across East Asia, and nowadays around the world, and based on the lunar calendar, so its date changes depending on the moon.  This year, it starts on 5th February, and it is Year of the Pig. Strictly speaking, it’s the Brown Earth Pig.   

Each year in the Chinese calendar is associated with one of twelve animals, and each time an animal comes around it is associated with one of the five Chinese elements, bringing an extra dimension to its character. That means that each animal comes around only every twelve years, and each unique animal with a particular element only comes around once every sixty years.  So the last time there was an Earth Pig was in 1959!

The Pig is a happy, friendly, solid character, that grows steadily.  The Earth Pig is grounded, sensible, and close to nature.  The coming year is one to prosper by sensible, steady progress.  No rushing about like the Dog, or racing ahead like the Horse, or getting distracted like the Monkey. It is one to pay particular attention to family and friends, and to focus on your self development, especially in the areas of nature and wellbeing.  

So it's a great year to get involved in things where you learn new skills, meet new friends, and do things that are good for you.  Even better if you can do this with your family, or support your family in doing it, and especially good if you do it in a sensible way - take it steady and progress at a solid pace.  

It's a happy year for us, because all these things fit perfectly with what we do. We offer five traditional arts from intense TaeKwonDo to relaxing Tai Chi, all with very experienced teachers, and we have around 50 classes a week in London, and across the Cotswolds, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.  So before you leave the website, do take a look around at all the different classes and courses we offer. 

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Class Changes & Grading Dates


Class Changes

Ashton under Hill: classes will be ON during half term (they usually are not), because one night in March there will be no class.  Note that we previously told you that would be 7th March, but this has been moved, and it is now 28th March there are no classes. 

Wednesday Workshop: The Sabre workshop scheduled for the end of March has been moved to 3rd April. 

Moreton in Marsh: classes are cancelled for one week only, on Wednesday 27th March.

Broom: TaeKwonDo and Kickboxing in Broom on Saturday 30th March are both ON.  We previously told some people they were cancelled. 


TKD Gradings

Your next TaeKwonDo senior gradings in Chinatown will be on 16th July.

Your next Cotswolds and Vale gradings are on 11th May in Broom Village Hall, B50 4HJ.  View or download the detailed info for that here.

Pay your grading fees at this link. 



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