Student Payments

Student Payments

Student Payments

For our LCTKD students, this is the place to sort out your subscriptions, book your gradings, and maybe even book a private lesson with one of our top instructors.

If you are new to LCTKD, or thinking of joining, take a look through the deals we have on offer for the new starter, to help you take that first step on your journey. 

If it's a private class you are after, or you might be interested in some private tuition, then follow the link at the bottom of the page.

If you are attending a course which is paid for termly, then you'll find the link to make your payment below.  

Student Payments

LCTKD Subscriptions

LCTKD Subscriptions

Set up your LCTKD Subscription, or pay your grading or course fees.

For the New Starter

For the New Starter

New students: get started on your journey with LCTKD.   



Pay your TaeKwonDo grading or Ensodo assessment fees.  

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Product no.: 2002[1]

Pay your SAMA Kickboxing Belt Assessment fee here.  

£50.00 *

can be shipped within N/A days

Product no.: 371

Pay for your grading or assessment fees in our shop, and save both time and money!

£20.00 *
Product no.: 1004[3]

Boost your learning immeasurably by taking a private class with one of our top Instructors.  

£30.00 *
Product no.: 64[1]

Get a great boost with one of our fantastic SuperClasses, workshops, and talks featuring our top Instructors. 

£7.50 *
Product no.: 36[1]

If you are looking for a Fighting Arts Subscription outside London, you could save a very substantial sum by taking out an annual subscription.  Check it out. 

£224.00 *
Product no.: 9023[8]

Book your Improvers' Tai Chi course at the friendly and convenient Pershore Library - 2.30 p.m. Mondays

£54.00 *
Product no.: 64[2]

Pay for your first Mugai Ryu grading, on line in our shop. 

£50.00 *
Product no.: 64[4]

Pay for your second Mugai Ryu grading, on line in our shop. 

£65.00 *
Product no.: 64[5]

Pay for your second Mugai Ryu grading, on line in our shop. 

£90.00 *

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery