Kickboxing encompasses the sparring and fitness side of TaeKwonDo.




Our SAMA Kickboxing has been developed by our Technical Director Mr Drew N. Hall. SAMA means “Strike Artist Martial Arts.” It is a freestyle approach to martial arts and fitness, focusing on helping people to meet their personal goals, develop as individuals, and at the same time progress in martial arts in a way that will be properly recognised.  




SAMA Kickboxing has a complete syllabus, allowing you to progress through the grades to black belt if you wish - though you don’t have to if you prefer not.  If you do want to progress through the grades, assessments take place through your normal classes, rather than through grading examinations.  





You can do both TaeKwonDo and Kickboxing under the same monthly Self Defence subscription.






Kickboxing Clothing

Kickboxing Clothing


We have a great range of clothing for our students and anyone who shares our joy for top quality equipment and stylish martial arts leisure wear.

Kickboxing Sparring Gear

Kickboxing Sparring Gear

Our range of protective gear, essential for your safety, whether in class or competition.  Top quality gear at discounted prices.

Kickboxing Accessories

Kickboxing Accessories




See our range of accessories to help you with your training.  

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New SAMA Kickboxing Belt Assessment Fee

Product no.: 2002[1]

Pay your SAMA Kickboxing Belt Assessment fee here.  

£50.00 *

can be shipped within N/A days

Self Defence Starter Pack

Product no.: 100[2]

New starter?  You can save £50 and get safely kitted at the same time, by getting one of our discounted starter packs. 

£84.95 / unit(s) *
RRP £141.00

Macho Dyna Combat Kit - with shinguards and bag

Product no.: 1022

Time to get your sparring gear for class or grading? See this great value complete sparring kit with shinguards and bag.

£84.95 *

At the Dragon's Heart T-Shirt

Product no.: 031[10]

Make your mark with our latest "At the Dragon's Heart" t-shirt.  

£19.99 *

LCTKD Dragon Hoodie

Product no.: 031[11]

Make your mark with our latest LCTKD Dragon Hoodie.  

£32.99 *

Kickboxing trousers

Product no.: 00-203

Kickboxing trousers- black with red stripes

£25.00 / unit(s) *

Striking Arts T-Shirt

Make your mark with our Striking Arts t-shirt.  

£19.99 *


Get the classic, stylish and distinctive LCTKD t-shirt, for class or leisure wear.

£19.99 *

Focus Pads (colour: black)

Focus Pads - essential equipment for a huge variety of training.

£27.95 / pair(s) *

can be shipped within 14-21 days

Private Class

Product no.: 1004[3]

Boost your learning immeasurably by taking a private class with one of our top Instructors.  

£40.00 *

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery