LCTKD - Who We Are and What We Do

LCTKD - Who We Are and What We Do

LCTKD - Who We Are and What We Do
LCTKD - Who We Are and What We Do






LCTKD is a martial arts family, and it's a family that brings people together around traditional martial arts. That means that what we teach is authentic, disciplined, and taught by very well qualified and experienced teachers. 

We teach five different martial arts: 

Chinatown Dragon Tai Chi

London Chinatown TaeKwonDo 

SAMA Kickboxing

Ensodo (a self defence art designed for older martial artists)

Mugai Ryu (a traditional Japanese sword art)


We also support the Algerian art of DFS.  


Our History

We started at the end of 2004 or the beginning of 2005.  We can't quite remember.  It all began when our Patron, Mrs Christine Yau MBE, arranged for two experienced martial artists to be allowed to train in the Chinese Community Centre, at the heart of London's Chinatown.  They came every week, and put a notice on the door saying "Black Belt Training."  Those two martial artists were Gareth R. Hall and Neil R. Hall. 

Over time, this grew into formal classes, and began to focus on the Korean art of TaeKwonDo.  Hence our name - London Chinatown TaeKwonDo.  From 2008, we began to open classes outside of London, and from 2010 we began to teach other martial arts, using the acronym LCTKD as our earlier name disguised just how wide our teaching had become.  Now, we have many hundreds of students studying our five martial arts not only in London but across the English Midlands and South West, and we are known and respected around the world.     


Our Team

Our Founders are still with us, as part of team of five directors managing more than twenty teachers delivering over 40 classes a week plus an extensive programme of workshops and events, as well as the production of books and videos. 

In 2011 we helped to set up the international organisation for martial arts education, the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts.  This organisation, started by advanced martial artists from around the world, developed a high standard of martial arts teaching qualifications, which take people from Junior Leader to Senior Instructor over truly challenging courses and placements.  The IAIMA courses are the most extensive and demanding that we know of, and we are proud that all our Instructors come through this programme.   



This has enabled us to work with high quality Instructors, which means that our students get the best tuition. This, in turn, means that people stay with us, and this means we can keep our rates low, so that we can keep on reaching out to the largest number of people, whatever their income.  


Family and Community

From the beginning, we have lived and worked by an ethos which makes us about family and community.  We have classes that encourage people to train together as families.  We pride ourselves on a family atmosphere in what we do, and for many people LCTKD is to them like their extended family.  We are proud that over half of our students and teachers are female, that our students come from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds, that we have a fantastic age range of 4 - 94, and that no-one is excluded by disability.  We are proud to be an important part of people's lives, and a part of their communities, and we support our students being part of their communities - helping them with good causes, and encouraging and supporting events like the Chinese New Year celebrations, activities like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and organisations like local libraries, Adult Learning and the WI, as well as a host of local and national charities.  

We are always happy to share our story and our experiences, and be part of local events and activities.  


Find Out More

You can find out more about the martial arts we do through the links below, and also find out about our #PreconceptionFree campaign, or find classes or courses through our Find a Class or Course section.   

Or contact us to find out more.