Ensodo is a self defence art with a traditional structure, designed for the older martial arts student. 



Anyone can be an Ensodo student, though most are over 30 and many are in their 70s.  Designed by Neil R. Hall, one of our Founders, it is specifically created to have all the self defence and personal development aspects of traditional martial arts, without the high kicks or press ups.  


Ensodo students can train to Black Belt and beyond, and in their training learn not only high level self defence, but also martial arts weapons such as bo staff, sabre and sticks.  


With a great deal of influence from Tai Chi, it is ideal for non-combat Tai Chi students making the transition into self defence arts.  It is also designed with a structure that allows students to slot into TaeKwonDo classes seamlessly.  So if there's a TaeKwonDo event focusing on self defence that would suit Ensodo students, they can join in without any difficulty. 


The best way to understand Ensodo is to see it in action.  Take a look at Instructor Joe Aspey at work in this video. 




If you can't see the vide on your device, don't worry, you can watch it on youtube by clicking here. 






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