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A Huge congratulations to the seven TaeKwonDo students who graduated through our Black Belt assessments at their final examination on Saturday, 16th November.  

The full results (with club names in brackets) are: 

Junior Black Belt

Oliver Wiejak (Moreton-in-Marsh)

1st Dan

Sorabain de Lioncourt (Chinatown)

Marie Hall (Bristol)

Francesca Sherborne (Ashton-under-Hill)

Ambra Jin (Chinatown)

Junior 2nd Dan

Mr Aled Davies (Moreton-in-Marsh)

2nd Dan

Mr Doug Knight (Broom)


Well done to all involved.  Thank you to all the families and friends who came to support, and a special thank you to Lena Wiejak who came to be a partner for her brother. 

So much appreciation for event organiser Mrs Helen Hall (who was also part of the earlier assessment process), Chief Examiner Technical Director Mr Drew N. Hall, and Examiners London Director Mr Jon Alagoa and LCTKD Co-Founder Neil R. Hall.

We hope that the final examination for Black Belt candidates next year will be in London Chinatown in November or December.  

Chief Instructor and co-Founder Gareth R. Hall (who assessed candidate submission from his current base in the USA) wants to pass on his congratulations and best wishes to all the candidates.  

See lots of photos and videos on our Facebook page. 

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Autumn/Winter Wear



With the colder weather truly upon us, why not take a look at some of our warmer classwear? 
We now have the popular "At the Dragon's Heart" design in a long-sleeved t-shirt, available in female, standard, and child's fit, in black or white.
You can find our range of hoodies and t-shirts here: LCTKD Leisure Wear



It's here! A New (easier) Way to Learn Tai Chi



We are thrilled to have started teaching the specially designed Chinatown Dragon Form in our Tai Chi classes for beginners.  


Find out all about it, and watch the beautiful video, on our Dragon Form page.





At the moment, expect to see the #perceptionfree tagline on things we share, especially on social media.  This is because we are running a campaign to encourage people to put aside their preconceptions about who different martial arts are for.  Too often, people rule themselves out of doing something they would love to do because they think - or other people have told them - it isn't really for them.  This is almost always a misconception. So we want to encourage people not to be put off by what they suppose or by what other people say, and to let themselves live their dream.  Watch the video with Lisa and Louise to get a flavour of the campaign. 



Can't see the video on your device? Watch it on YouTube. 


Now, you can find out about our #preconceptionfree campaign on its very own page.  

Go to the #preconceptionfree page. 



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TKD Gradings

Cotswolds and Vale: Saturday 7th December.  

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Current Promotions

Current Promotions

We have lots of great promotions going to help you get in to martial arts with us or to get more out of your martial arts.