Low Income Subscriptions

Low Income Subscriptions

Low Income Subscriptions
Low Income Subscriptions


From this page, you can set up your low income LCTKD subscription for outside of London, using the buttons below.  

The subscription options on this page are for people on a low income.  If that does not apply to you (if in doubt, check with your Instructor), then please use the page for standard income subscriptions.  

Choose the subscription level you prefer.  You can choose from Internal Arts (which includes things like Tai Chi), Fighting Arts (which covers Internal Arts as well), or Sword Arts (which covers Internal Arts and Fighting Arts too). 

Tai Chi students attending classes paid for by the course. 

Many of our Tai Chi students attend classes for which they pay a course fee, rather than a subscription.  Many of our Tai Chi courses paid for this way are free tasters or six week introduction courses for beginners (usually called "Tai Chi for New Beginners"), in the same location as our regular subscription Tai Chi classes, and usually at a similar time.  If you are attending one of these, you will most probably want to set up your subscription when your course ends, by which time you will be ready to join in with the regular class.  When you set up your subscription this will also give you access to other classes through the week in addition to your regular class. Your Instructor will talk to you about this during your course. 

In a small number of places it is possible to pay for Tai Chi beyond beginners by the course.  If you do this, you are paying only for that course, and cannot attend other classes.  Except for classes supported by Worcestershire Adult Learning, becoming a subscriber will not only cover the class you have been paying for, but also many other classes at no extra charge, and will work out much cheaper than paying by the term, even if this is the only class you attend. 

You can find out where our subscription classes are here. 

If you have any questions, please just contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

(Please note for all classes your subscription spreads the cost across ALL TWELVE MONTHS, so do not cancel your subscription over the holidays.) 





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