Wondering How You Pay?

Wondering How You Pay?



The classes and courses are paid for in three different ways.  

1 - you book and pay here.  

This is usually for one off workshops, events and time limited courses not supported by Worcestershire County Council's Adult Learning.  You just click "buy now" and that's you on the way. 

2 - you follow a link which takes you to payment

This is usually for courses supported by Worcestershire County Council's Adult Learning, and by the Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove.  They like you to pay on their sites.  For these courses, just read to the bottom of the description and you'll find the payment link there.  Click on that and it will take you to where you pay.  

3 - you don't pay right away, but come and try it out, and then if you like it set up a subscription

Classes and courses that are described as being part of our subscription scheme are ones where you pay a monthly subscription.  What you pay depends on the type of classes you attend, how many families train together, whether you are in London or outside London, and whether you have a low income.  When you start your subscription, you can come to all the classes in your category all for the same price.  Many of our students come to more than one class, and study more than one thing.  That's up to you. 

You can find out what the different subcription levels are here.  

But don't set up your subscription before first coming along and trying it out, which you can do free of charge.  

If you would like to do that, or you just can't find what you are looking for, please contact us, or just come along to the class and talk the Instructor.