Privacy and Data Protection

Our Approach to Data Protection and Our Respect for Your Privacy 


Website and Shop Users


The LCTKD Shop is an on-line resource linked in to our main website and managed from the LCTKD office.  We use it as to sell products and services including courses, and as the central point of registration and subscription for our regular students.  


Our websites including our shop use technology including including cookies to collect visitor behaviour data, and to help make your use of our websites a better and more convenient experience.  This data is collected anonymously and we can’t access anything about your personal data from it.  You can find out more about this technology at the service that runs our shop, on the website:


When you use our shop simply as a customer, we ask you to provide us with basic information that we need to work with you.  This is your e-mail address, your phone number, and your home address.  We also record information about what you buy, so that if you ask us about an order back in the past, we can find it easily.   


As a customer, we will add you to our e-mail lists relevant to your interests so that you can keep up to date on relevant news and information, as well as interesting tips and offers.  All of our e-mails say that we don’t want you send you the e-mail if you don’t want to receive it, and give you a link to unsubscribe.  


As a shop customer, we do not keep your data anywhere else, and do not share your data outside of LCTKD.  In fact, we do not even share your data outside of the LCTKD office except in two specific instances: where you have bought something that you want to be delivered, so we must give the person delivering your details to enable that; or where you have booked on to a course, workshop or event, in which case we will give relevant details to the person running the it, only for the purposes of that particular course, workshop or event, and to no-one else.  In these instances, these people will destroy any copies of information about you as soon as their job is done, and only keep it if a follow up is necessary - for example, if you attend a course and ask them to send you some more information.


Registered Customers


We invite you to register with the shop.  This allows the shop to keep your information so that it is easier for you to buy things - you just log in and you don’t need to re-enter all your address information and so on.  To register, we only require the same information as for any customer, unless you plan to become one of our students (see below about that). The good thing about registering is that you can see and amend, or delete, all the information we have about you at any time.  You can also ask us to amend or delete it for you.  Your registration is held in a secure on-line storage and your access to it is password protected, with a password you choose.  We do not know your password. 


Students and Staff


If you sign on to a course with us, or take up a subscription, we require you to be a registered (or “licensed”) student.  This is a basic requirement of our insurance, and is standard practice with martial arts schools, but it is also important in making sure that your course or classes run safely and well.  To register, we direct you to the same on-line system as you use to register as a customer in our shop, but we ask you to answer some more questions relevant to you being a student.  


After that, the process of checking and amending your data is just the same as being a registered customer in our shop, in that you can log in and see your information, amend and delete it at any time.


For you to be our student requires us to hold more data about you, and to use it carefully to manage your progress and to make sure you are safe and well, and our courses, classes and events run safely and well.  You can find a full explanation of how we handle student and staff data in our our document LCTKD's Approach to Welcoming and Safeguarding or contact us for more information.