What We Do

What We Do

What We Do






LCTKD is a martial arts family, and it's a family that brings people together around traditional martial arts. That means that what we teach is authentic, disciplined, and taught by very well qualified and experienced teachers. 

We teach five different martial arts: 


Tai Chi


Mugai Ryu

SAMA Kickboxing


We also support the Algerian art of DFS.  


Over the coming months, we will be working on making it easier to see information about what we do in the LCTKD Shop.  

We are starting this with information about an exciting new way we will be teaching Tai Chi from the autumn of 2019.

Find out about that by clicking here

or follow the link below. 


While we are working on bringing information to you directly in the shop, you can find out lots of information about all the things we do on our main website:

just by clicking here. 


Or contact us to find out more.