Chinatown Dragon Tai Chi

Chinatown Dragon Tai Chi

Chinatown Dragon Tai Chi



LCTKD teaches authentic, classical Tai Chi with a team of very well qualified, highly experienced teachers under the direction of Neil R. Hall, one of our founders.  


LCTKD's approach to Tai Chi has been so successful that it has grown to become one of the biggest Tai Chi schools in the UK.  The experience this has given our teachers has brought us considerable expertise in how people learn Tai Chi, what works, and what does not.  Neil R. Hall drew on this expertise to design a fresh approach to teaching Tai Chi to beginners.  This approach allows us to bring authentic, classical Tai Chi to students in a way that helps them to learn quickly and easily.  So as a beginner with LCTKD you discover what true Tai Chi is and get the feel - and benefit - of it very quickly.  As you settle in, we help you to increase your understanding, and to explore further ways of doing your Tai Chi, including some of the most famous classical sequences as taught in China, as well as the closely related Chinese art of Qigong.  


This new approach is centred around a specially designed sequence called the Chinatown Dragon Form. ("Form" in Tai Chi commonly means a sequence of movements.) The Form, the way it is taught, and the way it can be extended and adapted as students gain in confidence and understanding is what we mean by Chinatown Dragon Tai Chi. 


Why the title?  


LCTKD was born in London Chinatown, and has gone on to become Chinatown's longest established and biggest martial arts school.  Though we have spread far and wide, our home is important to us, and has been the seat of our learning. For some years now, the Chinatown Dragon, which is our own design, has been important in what we have done.  Dragons are the backdrop to our Black Belt examinations, Dragons are on the t-shirts of our Tai Chi students and the jackets of our Instructors.  A Chinatown Dragon even features in the slogan for one of our competitions, in the name of one of our classes and on the cover of one of our books!


What is more, 9 is the number of the Dragon.  In approaching its design, Neil R. Hall said that he faced 9 challenges.  It began to emerge in the springtime (which being creative is the Dragon time) of 2019, and it has 9 movements at its heart.  And the powerful, swirling nature of the form seems to be suffused with Dragon Spirit.  


Soon, we will bring you more information about the Dragon Form, including photographs and videos to help you learn, and this page will be where you can find them.  So bookmark it and don't forget to come back regularly. Meanwhile, watch the video in which Neil R. Hall gives some background to the Dragon Form. In his own words:


"The challenge was to design a truly classical Tai Chi form that would be easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to practice in a small space.  While at the same time being all the things that classical forms are.  At first, I thought this would be impossible, but the more I worked at it, the more I realised it could be done.  The Chinatown Dragon Form is the result.  When I started to practise it, I was taken aback by just how well it worked.  Over the coming months, our teachers will be studying it in depth, and then teaching it to the public from the 9th month of the year 2019."



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