Ensodo Suit

Ensodo Suit

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The LCTKD Ensodo suit is the ideal training suit for Ensodo and similar martial arts. Our suits are made of a specially selected lightweight polyester / cotton mix, and come with our eye-catching LCTKD logo embroidered on the front, and our elegant enso logo embroidered at the nape of the neck. (Click for a detailed photo to see this.)

Note that the photos show the older, v-necked style.  Ensodo suits now come in the "wrap round" style.  Photo coming soon!

The dobuks are available in a variety of sizes - determine your size by using your overall height in centimetres.

They also come in white or black. Please note that in LCTKD Ensodo classes you must wear only black dobuks until you are a black belt.

Not heard of Ensodo?  Ensodo is our martial art for grown ups.  Find out about Ensodo

By the way.... are you thinking of buying someone this as a gift to encourage them to take up martial arts?  That's great!  Just remember that Ensodo is designed for older students.  If it's for a child, best to get them one of our Taekwondo Dobuks.  (And thank you!)  



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£6.95 / pair(s) *
TaeKwonDo Dobuk TaeKwonDo Dobuk
Make sure you've got the right dobuk. We also do Taekwondo dobuks. £36.00 / Kit(s) *

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery

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Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery

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