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As worn by our Instructors, it's our classic LCTKD t-shirt, carefully embroidered with our stylish logo on the left breast. 

Available in black or white. 

Note that if it's for class wear, remember the rules:

in TaeKwonDo classes only Instructors can wear black, and t-shirts are for summer only

in Ensodo, only Instructors can wear white, but you can wear t-shirts all year round

in Tai Chi, you can wear what you like all year round!  You might also like to think about getting one of our popular red Tai Chi t-shirts.  

in Kickboxing, these t-shirts or our Striking Arts t-shirts are suitable for class wear

Mugai Ryu students might prefer one of our "Sword and Zen" t-shirts, made for Mugai Ryu, and t-shirts are of course not formal class wear in Mugai Ryu. 


Links to our other t-shirts are below. 




As so many of our students do multiple arts, we no longer add distinguishing logos for different arts to our t-shirts, only the LCTKD logo.  This makes them work for multiple arts, and keeps them at a competitive price. 

As it seemed what people wanted for these t-shirts, we also now only supply our standard t-shirts in standard fits, not male or female.  

Tai Chi, Mugai Ryu and Kickboxing students do of course have the option of choosing their own specially designed t-shirts.  












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Size Medium
Colour White
Martial Art All LCTKD
Male/Female Standard


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Striking Arts T-Shirt Striking Arts T-Shirt
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Kickboxing trousers Kickboxing trousers
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