Tai Chi Revision DVD - now with Beijing 24 Step!

Tai Chi Revision DVD - now with Beijing 24 Step!

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Keep up to date and practice at home without needing to balance your computer on the back of the settee, by using our Tai Chi Revision DVD.  


This special revision DVD includes 6 videos featuring our Chief Instructor, Neil R. Hall, to help you remember what you did in class.  


The DVD includes: 


Yang Style Short Form, Front View

Yang Style Short Form, Rear View

Yang Style Short Form with Audio Commentary

Tai Chi Fan, Front View

Tai Chi Fan, Rear View

Beijing 24 Step with Audio Commentary


Total Run Time 46 mins 15 secs 



A few things to note.


This is a selection of videos to help those attending LCTKD Tai Chi classes practice at home, and is not intended as a stand alone instructional DVD.  Keep up to date with our latest instructional books and videos on our website, at www.lctkd.com/taichi, or e-mail us: info@lctkd.com.  


Our software produces videos on DVD at a standard definition resolution, rather than the high definition videos you can see on our website or download from our on-line shop.  That means that the DVD picture quality on a big screen, while fine to help you revise, might not look quite the same as you get when watching a download on your computer or phone.  


All videos and images © Neil R. Hall 2015.  This DVD and any part of its content may not be lent, sold, or reproduced in any way without the express written permission of the copyright holder.


The fact that your only selection when buying is "right handed" is because the Tai Chi Fan form is shown right handed.  


If you are only buying this item, when you buy go to your basket and check out from there.  When you do, select "send your single book/DVD" as the delivery method, and you will save money on your delivery charge.  Note that this applies even if it is delivered through your LCTKD Instructor.  




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