Annual Sword Arts Subscription

Annual Sword Arts Subscription

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For most people, our regular monthly subscriptions are the perfect way to pay.

But if you are searching for the very best value, we do give you the option of paying your year's fees for our Sword Arts Subscription in one go.  You save £100 against the standard Sword Arts Subscription and end up paying less than £2 per hour if make good use of your subscription. 

When you pay this way, our accounts section is informed, and your fees are marked as paid for a full 12 months from the date of payment.  

The annual Sword Arts Subscription covers everything in the monthly Sword Arts Subscriptions.  So that is training at any public classes suitable for you (including not only swords, but also self defence and internal arts), plus your licence fee (which includes your insurance).  Grading fees and fees for special courses and classes are not included.  

This special offer is only available for outside London. 

There are no further reductions when buying an annual sword arts subscription, so please do not try to choose a different income level or number of family members.  To buy for more than one, simply select more than one of the subscriptions when you check out.  

Please note: the annual subscription fee is offered at a very substantial discount, in return for your commitment to the full year.  As such, it is not refundable should you leave, or not attend classes for any reason.  However, if you are unable to attend class because of long term illness or injury (lasting more than a month), then you can apply in writing to our Chief Instructor asking for the renewal date to be put back to reflect the period you have been unable to attend.  Note that the Chief Instructor might require proof of illness or injury, and that putting back the renewal date is entirely at the Chief Instructor's discretion.  


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