LCTKD Shop Gift Token: £5 - £500!

LCTKD Shop Gift Token: £5 - £500!

Product no.: 701

Price includes all relevant taxes, plus delivery

Can't think what to get for them? 


Let them choose, with an LCTKD Shop Gift Token!

(Any questions please contact us: or 07484 785 882)

There are so many things to choose from in our shop these days, it can be hard to decide what to get for someone - especially if you are not a martial artist yourself.  So we can take the worry out of it for you.  Get an easy to use Gift Token and they can decide for themselves.  There's so much in the shop that they are certain to find the right thing, and everyone is happy!

Our gift tokens (or 'coupons') can be bought in any amount you like that's a multiple of £5.  The system is set at £5.  If you buy 2, we'll send you a £10 Gift Token, if you buy 4, we'll send you a £20 Gift Token, and so on. If you'd like us to break it up any other way (for example, send two separate tokens), just let us know in the delivery comments box when you check out. 

When you check out, choose "no delivery required", because we will e-mail you your unique voucher code. So you pay not a penny more than you spend on them!


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