Many Paths, One Destination

Many Paths, One Destination

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If you’d like to find out about how LCTKD began in Chinatown, it’s a great story, and it’s told by one of our founders, Neil R. Hall, in this new book, which he edited and wrote together with leading martial artists from around the world - including seven of the Honorary Fellows of the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts.  

Telling nine fascinating stories, and with a thoughtful introduction by Neil R. Hall, it's a book not to be missed by anyone who wants to learn more about how ordinary people manage to become an inspiration to others.  Welcomed around the world for its easy to read, honest accounts, this hugely popular book has had great reviews, and it is available in hardback format now for the first time.  


"The stories are filled with inspiration, wisdom, experiences of mindfulness and challenges, along with useful insights for life." 

Jim Evers, author of Not Your Usual School.


"If you think that the best teachers get to the pinnacle of their profession by following a simple and straight path, then this book will be an eye opener...."

Leslie Allan, The Business Performance Blog.



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