The Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual - full colour edition

The Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual - full colour edition

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 The Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual

of Techniques from White Belt to Black Belt


Using hundreds of clear illustrations together with straight forward, plain English instructions, the Illustrated TaeKwonDo Manual is the ideal reference book for ITF TaeKwonDo students and Instructors.


Illustrated by LCTKD's Helen Hall and Drew N. Hall, with description by Neil R. Hall, this book presents years of work by three of LCTKD's Directors, each of whom have decades of teaching experience and have taught hundreds of TaeKwonDo students.  Drawing on their own teaching experience, the  authors give an easy to follow "how to" explanation for every one of the 100 traditional TaeKwonDo techniques required as you move through the standard ITF TaeKwonDo syllabus, from white belt to 1st Degree Black Belt. The clear and simple approach, taking each technique on its own and explaining it in a step by step way, makes it a great learning tool, and a perfect class aid. 




all the stances, blocks, guards, hand and arm strikes and kicks up to 1st Degree Black Belt.



a section on the human anatomy, including the skeleton, muscles, parts of the body used for striking and blocking, and specific target areas.



a detailed index, allowing you to find your techniques using the formal names, or alternative names, striking tool or target area.  


Complete, compact and easy to use, it's the essential kit bag book!


You can also get the Manual from the shop in a PDF version at a great price to view on your device.


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Pages: 240

​Images: 280

Cover: Softback / Colour

Internal Printing: Colour

Size: kit bag size - 5x8" (12.5x20cm)



Preparations & Stances, Blocks & Guards, Hand & Arm Strikes, Kicks, the Human Anatomy.


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